Opening Ceremony JPL- Jain Premier League January 2017 Chhattisgarh Highlight’s


In , there are three things that are most talked about; Politics, Bollywood and ofcourse Cricket. Cricket is not just the game but a life line of millions of people in the country. If you want to narrow it down to a single city, let us take the economic capital of , you will feel that it is cricket and not blood that is flowing through the body of the iyans.

VEER FOUNDATION Jain Premier League is the brainchild of Adv.Praveen Jain, who has come up with this brilliant idea. The main aim of this unique but extremely exciting concept is that Mr.Jain wants to bring the Jain community in State together. A sense of unity and brotherhood is guaranteed when you play a team sport. It is a well-organized tournament. The Jain community across the city has reciprocated with tremendous participation. The selection of teams was a formal process as there were net sessions conducted to test the cricketing abilities of the participants. The selection was done across three days; first day all the interested participants underwent the selection trials, second day just the top 30 were tested and the third day the final 16 were declared. There are about 550 players playing the tournament, who are divided into 32+8 teams from all . The matches will be played on Gass Memorial Cricket ground.

As Jain community is known to produce great businessmen, conducting a tournament without cash prizes is probably unacceptable. Mr. Jain has left no stone unturned as he has announced attractive rewards for the winning team, Man of the Match and Man of the Series.
Though we have the likes of IPL coming up in the every year. where we see cricketers from all-round the globe descend to this cricket crazy nation, but something like VEER FOUNDATION Premier League, which will bring people from the same community together perhaps will garner more attention of the iya and It would be exciting to see if this initiative produces a cricketer from a business community, who can go on to represent one of the IPL or the national team itself.

team wishes all the very best to the entire VEER FOUNDATION team.

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